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POWERLIVE IoT compatible breaker automatic restoration / shutoff device CPL8 series
This is an automatic return (cut off) breaker that meets the needs of the IoT era.

We realize visualization of maintenance and operation of unmanned power distribution and distribution equipment, realize efficient business operation and stable supply of power supply.
・It monitors the trip behavior of the breaker and automatically restores it under preset conditions.
・It monitors the breaker load side (voltage, current, leakage) and automatically restores it under preset conditions.
・You can monitor the operation status of the breaker in real time on the Internet, check the operation calendar, set operating conditions, and control closing / opening.

Product Summary
 ■Micro server installed
 ■Remotely monitor and control breaker status via network.
 ■Various settings are possible using the web browser.
 ■The status of trip operation and permanent interruption due to electric leakage, lightning surge, overcurrent, and inrush current is displayed on the web.
 ■Current and voltage values can be monitored on the web.
 ■You can also monitor the state of the control unit.

Usage purpose
 When a commercial power supply breaker, such as unmanned equipment, trips due to a lightning strike or the like, it detects them and automatically restarts them under the setting conditions. In case of load abnormality, we will automatically shut off under the setting conditions.
 ■Relay antenna base station for mobile phone
 ■Disaster prevention broadcasting radio base stations, etc.
 ■Ideal for power management of traffic control equipment, traffic information equipment, road signs and other control and monitoring equipment facilities.
 ■Supports power management of cable television and broadcast relay base stations.
 ■It is optimal as a power management and monitoring system for security equipment such as surveillance cameras.
 ■It can be applied to power management and monitoring of various equipment installed in coin parking.
 ■In addition, it can be used for the power management system of the unattended equipment.

Example of use
Information on equipment installed in the field can be sent to the monitoring center via CPL 8.

・ Depending on the setting, this product may be automatically re-inserted if the breaker trips.
 Please do not use for the electric equipment where the disaster is expected due to the breaker being reinserted.
・ Remote operation can not be performed in the test mode and setting mode.
・ This device is designed for use JAPAN. For overseas specifications, please contact us.
Features of this device
■ Lightning surge monitoring
Record the surge current magnitude in three steps (large, medium, small) at breaker trip by lightning surge.
Therefore, the degree of deterioration of SPD can be judged.
■ Inrush current monitoring
This device monitors the inrush current to the arrester.
Also, This device due to inrush current trips will do reconnect .
■ Leakage current monitoring
It detects leakage current and outputs an alarm to the base station.
(Leakage detection level 10 mA ~)
■ Overcurrent monitoring
It detects the rated current abnormality and outputs an alarm to the base station.
■ Phase lag monitoring
It is possible to monitor the neutral line phase loss of the single-phase three-wire system and to tripping the breaker at the time of phase loss detection.
■Motion record
Trip (occurrence date / time, trip factor, voltage ・ current).
Permanent shutdown (occurrence date, permanent shutdown factor).
■Remote monitoring
Breaker open / close, voltage / current, various settings.
Log data (trip, permanent shutdown, system error).
■Control and setting
Breaker insertion / opening.
・ Alarm restoration (system error, permanent disconnection).
・ Change of various settings.
■Always monitoring
This device Discover failures at an early stage and try recovery as much as possible.
When it becomes unrecoverable, it records the cause of unrecoverable.
■I / O terminals for external IO expansion are provided
24 VDC power supply output (maximum 0.3 A).
・ Photocoupler isolated input / output terminal: 1 point.
(Can be used for either input or output)

CPL 8 Series Instruction Manual (English version is currently unavailable,Please wait for a while)

 ■Involute type (internal contact planetary gear) reduction mechanism
  (Patent acquisition)
As shown in the image on the left, we have a structure in which "spur gear" with few teeth difference rotates inside "internal gear".
The hypocycloid deceleration mechanism is a deceleration mechanism using the dislocation internal gear with the small number of teeth difference.
The hypocycloid reduction mechanism has a very high reduction ratio and high torque in just one step, and has a self reliable self-lock (brake) function with less wear than the one using a worm gear.
In our company, we filed a patent application on an inscribed planetary gear mechanism (involute type hypoid cycloid reduction mechanism) that further developed this reduction mechanism.
In the hypoid cycloid mechanism so far, it was said that the difference in the number of teeth can not be set to "1" due to interference of the tooth tip between the internal gear and the spur gear. However, with our involute type hypoid cycloid deceleration mechanism, we have realized the deceleration mechanism with optimized tooth form by special design.
With this technology, it is easy to quench tooth tip and can increase hardness easily, and unlike a cycloid type, the number of parts is small, making compact and lightweight easy. In addition, when comparing with the same material and the same number of teeth, you can increase the allowable torque by about 2 times.

 ■High power LED driver PSL series
It can be inserted into the E25 base.
AC 100 V can be input directly.
The constant current circuit can output up to 300 mA.
The constant voltage circuit can output up to 28 VDC.
It can be mounted on a printed circuit board as a module.
There are also types that can be adjusted from 5 to 28 VDC
with the volume.
Built-in protection circuit against over current,
short circuit, temperature rise.
This product is for LED driver.
This product is not covered by Electrical Appliance
and Material Safety Law (JAPAN-PSE).

Other work
We are working on a consistent total system from designing to manufacturing of high voltage / high frequency power supplies,
radio (high frequency) equipment, digital equipment used for plasma equipment.
We will propose total technologies and ideas from equipment design to manufacturing to essential for promoting efficiency of
production line.
Please contact us first, such as sheet metal parts, machined parts, resin molded part designs, gear sales.
Circuit board
We are designing and manufacturing printed circuit boards. It can correspond widely from prototype to mass production.
We also have the know-how of designing and manufacturing printed circuit board inspection equipment.

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